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Our Mission

Our Story

Introducing Mangrove Diamonds - where sustainable elegance meets ethical luxury. We believe in delivering uncompromising luxury and elegance despite our sole focus on ethically sourced natural diamonds and sustainable lab-grown diamonds while maintaining complete transparency about our sourcing and production processes.

While curating the unique once-in-a-lifetime experience that you deserve, we are doing it in a way that doesn't cost the earth. Our diamonds and jewellery materials are not only gorgeous and durable, but also carbon neutral and our packaging is also environmentally friendly.

We get it - it might be your first time buying diamonds and you do not know where to start. At Mangrove Diamonds, this is not an issue that you have to worry about as we strive to make the whole diamond shopping experience as transparent as possible, no hidden charge, no middleman messing around, and more importantly, we aim to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make informed, sustainable choices, and to feel confident in their purchase every step of the way.

Come join us in making a positive impact on the planet, one stunning diamond at a time.

Our Mission

For too long, the diamond industry has lacked transparency. Markups, hidden maintenance charges, ring settling charges, only allow to view when visiting the store... etc. The origins and ethics behind traditional diamond mining have been hidden from view.

At Mangrove Diamonds, we are here to bring radical change. Our mission is to transform the legacy of diamond buying into one of sustainability, social responsibility, and enlightenment.

We are pulling back the curtain to reveal the full story behind each diamond we sell. We take pride in sourcing our diamonds and gemstones ethically and sharing those origins with you.

Our exclusive designs showcase ethically sourced natural diamonds, guaranteed conflict-free through the Kimberley Process. Additionally, discover our sustainable lab-grown diamonds, crafted with eco-conscious methods. Our commitment extends to both ethical origins and environmentally friendly options in fine jewelry.

We also aim to demystify the complex process of purchasing diamonds. With over 50 years of collective expertise, we simplify diamond education so you can find the perfect fit for your needs and values.

Most importantly, we never lose sight that diamonds symbolize love. Our goal is to make your shopping experience joyful and meaningful. We take the stress out of the process so you can focus on celebrating your relationship.

At Mangrove Diamonds, you can trust our passion for crafting an enlightening, ethical experience that does justice to the beauty and meaning of diamonds. Let us guide you on this shining journey.

Our Sustainable Diamonds

At Mangrove Diamonds, we believe in the brilliance of ethically sourced natural diamonds meticulously obtained through the Kimberley Process, ensuring their origins are conflict-free and devoid of any association with war crimes or unethical practices. Our commitment extends to sustainable lab-grown diamonds, offering eco-conscious individuals a stunning alternative that minimizes environmental impact without compromising on beauty or quality.

Scientifically identical to mined diamonds our cultured diamonds have the same exceptional physical and chemical qualities. Their beauty rivals that of any natural diamond.

We submit each diamond to independent gemological institutions for impartial grading based on the 4Cs - cut, color, clarity and carat. You can trust that our natural and lab-grown diamonds adhere to the highest standards of quality and beauty.

But beyond their exquisite appearance, our diamonds have an ethical foundation. By exclusively using ethically sourced natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds, we eliminate the adverse environmental and social impacts of traditional mining.

There is no need for disruptive mining practices that disturb land and wildlife. No risk of unethical labor conditions. With renewable energy powering our productions, we dramatically reduce carbon emissions, water use and waste.

Our cultured diamonds offer the same timeless elegance without harming the earth and its people. You can feel confident the diamond you select at Mangrove Diamonds reflects your modern values of sustainability and social responsibility.

By innovating beyond antiquated traditions, we are pioneering a new ethical legacy for diamond lovers. At Mangrove Diamonds, you can have brilliance with conscience.