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Just a few simple steps away from crafting the perfect symbol for your biggest lifetime moment


Natural or Lab-grown? This fundamental question will have the biggest impact on price.


Step 1: The Mangrove's Advantage

Finding the perfect diamond can feel intimidating - with choices around cut, color, clarity and carats to consider. At Mangrove Diamonds, we understand how overwhelming that process can be. That's why we've created the Mangrove DiamondConnoisseur™, an AI assistant dedicated to taking the stress out of your selection. The Mangrove DiamondConnoissuer™ utilizes our 30+ years of expertise, and the strictest measures from GIA / IGI to handpick the best diamond that aligns perfectly with your vision and budget, from our inventory with 10,000+ diamonds sourced from all around the world. With the Mangrove DiamondConnoisseur™, choosing the right ring is also simplified - so you can focus on the truly important things, like picking the perfect way to propose.

STEP 2: The Foundations

Choosing the price, carat, and shape of your diamond typically represents the next significant decisions in your selection process. It's recommended to start with a wide array of options and gradually narrow down your choices.

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STEP 3: Our Diamond Connoisseur at Your Service

Unveiling DiamondConnoisseur™, the pinnacle of AI-powered diamond selection technology. Crafted with precision and expertise, our AI simplifies the process of choosing the perfect diamond. All you need to do is specify your preferred price, shape, and carat size, and we will analyze our full inventory to handpick the diamond that best fits your criteria. With over 50 grading factors taken into account, you can trust that the diamond we select will be a true Mangrove gem - flawless clarity, superb cut, excellent color, brilliant reflection, and timeless beauty, Discover the brilliance of AI, discover your perfect diamond.

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